November Recaps + December Goals

I haven't done a recap post in a few months and I'm really glad I'm able to write one up today! There has been so much going on in my life and with A Tiny Traveler and Oakmoss Collective. It gets overwhelming some days because the pull to be creative and productive fights with the pull to sleep in an extra hour and get some cleaning done around the apartment. Anyone else feel me? There simply aren't enough hours in the day! (Now even fewer with my new job at Elementary Coffee Co. and an online class!)

So here's what this past month looked like. I had one goal and that was to get a job. Check! I start this week and I'm super excited! December, however, is going to have quite a few goals, which I'll list below. Enjoy some tunes as you browse photos and memories from this past month, and be sure to check out my favorite reads from the last few weeks too! These bloggers are awesome!

Oh, and Happy December!

I went to the laundromat for the first time. It was fun but at the same time incredibly boring. Lots of puppy cuddles with Betsy and Aj's new dog. Made the most delicious soup and took a bubble bath because Mark and I were crazy sick right after Thanksgiving. Sometimes a little soup + pampering can really improve the way you feel!

I'm finally getting used to the new town we're in, the weather, the responsibilities of a wife. I learned how to make butternut squash soup, got a new winter coat, and we finally unpacked and + set up our living room!

Our first Thanksgiving as Mr. + Mrs. Gettis!

We got to host the 3rd annual Friendsgiving, but this year it was at our apartment! We had such a great time with friends; enjoying one another's company, good food, music, and games. (The boys didn't want to take a photo, but here's one of all my lovely ladies!)


As the nights start earlier after Daylight Savings, Mark and I have to find things to do locally before it gets too dark. We love the Broad Street Market and have discovered some fun coffee shops too! I really like Harrisburg :)

+ Get shopping done at least 1 week before Christmas
+ Make as many cookies as possible
+ Stay healthy, even though I'll be making a million cookies
+ Get Oakmoss Collective + A Tiny Traveler's 2016 plans and ideas solidified
+ Make my first tutorial/webinar video (I have some stuff recorded but I just need to get it all together. It's super exciting!)
+ Continue to make art for my Etsy shop and hopefully make a few sales for the holiday season!
+ Visit family
+ Finish my online class (it's hard to stick with because it's so boring)

**What are some of your December goals? What are your plans for Christmas and New Years? I'd love to hear! Be sure to read some of my favorite posts from other bloggers if you have time, too.

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