My Favorite Posts From 2015

I can't believe that this year is just about over. Time flew by so fast! I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite trends, memories, and posts from the last year. So many wonderful things happened in 2015, but then again a lot of things happened that caused me to grow (after tears and stress) but I am thankful for each and every moment. There were things that caused me pain and things that brought me happiness, all the while I know God was doing a work in me. I feel like over this past year I have grown into a woman that God wants me to be. I learned that we can't always get the things we want, we can't always be in control. I also learned to be more independent and care for myself more than I used to. I feel like this year is going to be the best one yet! Married to my best friend with beautiful plans for our future and excitement to see what God has in store. So, let's dive in!

Personal Posts: 
+ A Season of Renewal: The Peony Project Linkup
+ Winter Will Pass: A post about facing life's hardships
+ Anger Solves Nothing: This post was a really personal one and looking back, I can see God really working in my heart
+ The Beauty of Self-Love
+ Today is the Day I Quit.

Blogging Posts:
+ Steering Clear From Unhealthy Competition
+ 5 Blogging Tips For 2015
+ How Periscope Can Work For Your Brand
+ 3 Great Twitter Chats!
+ How To Stay Inspired: 6 ways to stay inspired in your creativity and passions

Lifestyle Posts:
+ How To Be A Good Host (no matter where you are!)
+ Minimalism- Steps to Simplifying Your Life
+ Minimalism Challenge (part 2)
+ DIY Drink Cart Makeover

Engagement + Wedding Posts:
+ My Tea Party Bridal Shower
+ Fun Ideas for Bridal Showers (ft. Betsy Fick's Bridal Shower!)
+ Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids
+ Topics To Discuss Before Marriage
+ Our Rehearsal Dinner
+ Our Wedding Day! :) YAY

Extras/Guests/Travel Posts:
+ Laura's Tips for Traveling Alone as A Female
+ Olive & Her Visit to London
How to Pack The Perfect Carry-On 
+ Kim's Tips for Long-Haul Travel
+ An Interview with Kim Walker-Smith

What sorts of things did you accomplish this past year? Did you meet your goals? Travel anywhere new? I hope you enjoy this recap of a few posts that were my favorites to write/readers really liked. Wishing you all a happy + safe New Year!


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