Apartment Tour

Sometimes when I read other blogs, I wonder what a typical day looks like for that blogger. Websites, twitter, and instagram can all be misleading at times and have you believe that the person has the "perfect" life. I can't help but wonder what a normal day looks like for these writer, photographers, and artists who seem to have it all together. I think if we were realistic and truly stopped viewing ordinary people as "untouchable" or "celebrities" because they have 4,000+ followers, then we'd stop comparing ourselves to them. They're just other people who might know how to take a good photo or use the crop tool a little better than I can! We're all in this together, trying to be our most creative selves. So, today I wanted to share a few snapshots of our apartment that aren't styled or re-arranged.

My life, as is. Oh, and a fun little playlist for those cozy nights in or an afternoon hard at work!

I hope you liked my casual home tour!

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