Photo Storage Made Easy with WD MyCloud

Hey everyone! I have an awesome review for you today. I just got my WD My Cloud storage unit in the mail yesterday and was so excited to get it up and running and put all my photos and some movies on it so my computer doesn't start to run slower or I run out of space on my personal hardrive.

Below is a video of the "unboxing" and what I think of it before it's put to use. Mark really wanted to be a part of this campaign as well so keep scrolling for some pictures and for his review of the unit itself! 

Hey everyone, I'm Mark. First time blogging with Nat and I am glad to get to be a part of this review!

Lets be honest with ourselves. There are no more reasons to say “I lost that file” anymore. There are so many ways to back up, save copies, and hold on to our stuff that we don’t have any excuses. I have the only copy of our wedding video sitting on my desktop. If my laptop decides it doesn’t want to wake up one day, I’m sleeping on the couch. (Not really, but Natalie would be super sad.) What I’m trying to say is that our digital stuff is waaaay too important to only have in one place. There are a lot of great solutions out there for backing up that mysterious thing we all call “the cloud”. 

The downside to most of these options is a subscription fee. Sites like dropbox and google drive can end up costing $120 a year! You pay them, and in return they keep all of your stuff safe and sound in some warehouse in Nebraska (these are called “data centers” and no hard feelings Nebraska). The WD My Cloud is the same concept, but you only pay once and instead of being in Nebraska, all of your files live in a little drive no bigger than a box of Wheat Thins (shout out to Wheat Thins). You can back up everything you have to this drive and then get to all of it even when you aren’t at home. Natalie had fun unboxing our My Cloud. It was super easy to set up and start moving files to! I'm sitting at a laundry mat right now knowing that our wedding video is in a better place (and we can get to it on our phones if we want now too). 

Some details you’ll want to know. 
There are a couple of options for My Cloud drive space. Its available in 2, 3, 4, 6 TB capacities. (We got the 3 TB). 
MSRP for the device is: $149.99 for 2TB, $179.99 for 3TB, $219.99 for 4 TB, and $319.99 for 6TB.

I know what you’re thinking, “for that price I could just go buy a bunch of boxes of Wheat Thins, print out all of my pictures, and just keep them in the Wheat Thins Boxes.” and you’re right. You totally could do that but that's a lot of carbs and as much as I love Wheat Thins, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. (just to be clear, we’re not at all sponsored by Wheat Thins... We just really like them.) Let me put that pricing into perspective. 

For the 2TB model you’re paying just over what you would pay Dropbox every-year for half of that space. Needless to say, its a good deal. 
Purchase your own storage device to see how My Cloud simplifies your digital mess so you can experience and create more!


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