Gossip Girl Tour with On Location Tours.

 A few weekends ago, my best friend and I were able to take a tour in NYC of different filming locations from the show Gossip Girl. It was so much fun! The tour was run by On Location Tours and they do a few different tv shows and movies that are filmed in NYC and Boston.

For all you Gossip Girl fans, you'll probably recognize some places. We started at the hotel that Serena and her family live. It was really beautiful but not in an area that I pictured it in! There were shops and fast food places right across the street and tons of cars everywhere. In the show I assumed it was off on another street away from the city-craziness. Not so much.

Here are a few photos from the trip and some of my favorite spots! Our tour guide, Abby, was awesome as well. So glad we got to take a little day trip and just have some girl time.

Where most of the courtyard scenes were filmed for the school.
The awning at a museum that was filmed for part of the school's courtyard!
(fun fact, the school scenes were never actually filmed at a real school.)
The inside of Chuck Bass's hotel 
Chuck Bass's hotel
Nate Archibald's house. (Fun fact, this is an actual residence
and the director liked it so much that everything stayed as is.)

Dylan's Candy Bar!
Bendel's (It was so pretty!) This is where Blair gets most of her accessories
and headbands from the earlier seasons.

To wrap up the day, we went to the Chelsea Flower Market and gawked at the gorgeous peonies ($60 a piece!!!) and settled with some less pricey, yet just as pretty blooms and delicious macaroons. It was a great way to enjoy the city, time with a friend, and the closing of the fall season.

Check out the Gossip Girl Tour info right here!


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