An Interview with Kim Walker-Smith.

Hey everyone! Just popping in to share a fun little read. Last weekend I had the opportunity to do ministry with my husband at the Women of Purpose conference. It was so much fun getting to serve with him. I was in charge of the social media and Mark was helping some other media guys with filming and recap videos. Tori came on Friday night to help me with social media + Aj and Betsy did the photography. I can't wait for more weekends like that!

My mom had been so excited for the conference (she went with some of her friends from church) and I loved being able to hang out with her there for a little. It didn't click until I got there why she was so excited. Kim Walker-Smith (from Jesus Culture) was leading worship! She has such a beautiful and powerful voice + getting to hear it live was so cool. She is such a great worship leader too! Mark surprised me Friday night when he said that Tori and I would get the chance to interview Kim! How cool :)

I just wanted to share the interview here on A Tiny Traveler in case anyone wanted to see what we asked her and her answers, as well as share some photos from the conference. Photo credits to Mountain Gap Photography.


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