Our Rehearsal Dinner.

Alrighty friends, today starts the weekly wedding series that A Tiny Traveler will be posting. It will include all things about the wedding and days leading up to it! I am so excited :)

Let me start out by saying that each Friday I am going to be posting about our special day. I know that it can get a little tedious + perhaps not all that interesting to readers because it's just me blabbing about the ceremony and the party and the love and everything. I know that being a bride is exciting and each girl dreams of it so on the surface it might seem totally normal, but growing up I was not one of those girls who dreamt and planned for her big day. In fact, I never really thought I would ever get married. Call it melo-dramatic, call it sad, whatever you'd like, but it's true. I grew up with a lot of heart break and it didn't hit me until the week of the wedding that it was actually happening. I found the love of my life in my best friend + we were about to make a commitment to one another for the rest of our lives. Mark loved me. He wanted to take care of me and go on adventures with me and stay by my side until death do us part. It wasn't a story or a movie or some dream I woke up from. We were getting married! Oh my gosh. 

Now enough of that sad stuff. The rehearsal day was here and I couldn't sit still. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything! (except maybe Christmas...) We started early and set up the venue and then did a run through of our ceremony. Afterwards we went to Mark's parents' house and I was so surprised to see the rehearsal dinner setup. It was beautiful! Betsy and Mrs. Gettis and Mark's aunt Chrissy and uncle Ed spent the day setting up and cooking and I seriously left feeling so blessed and peaceful. Here are a few photos of the night.

 We started out with worship and communion which was the best because we got to have that personal intimate moment with our close family and friends to honor God before making the lifelong commitment to one another. Then we had dinner and great conversation and then desserts, coffee, and s'mores around the fire pit. It was such a special night!

Special thanks to Mark's family for a fantastic evening and for the photos by Mountain Gap Photography. Stay tuned for more wedding posts each Friday, and some great posts to come!


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