Autumn Snapshots.

Over the last few weeks, I've been figuring out life here in Harrisburg and getting settled in to our new little home. I had the opportunity to visit my friend Amy a couple weeks ago and then last week I was able to see Jessica and Tori. It was so nice to see good friends after spending time away.

On Friday of last week, I was invited to come speak in three different elementary classes at Penn Christian Academy. Jessica is a second grade teacher there and she wanted me to talk to her class about ways to deal with anger and anxiety. It was such a great opportunity to talk about art therapy and draw out emotions with the students! Different ways to handle emotions are through deep breathing exercises, scribbling (which the students re-named to "scribble scrabble"), and drawing out our emotions on cartoon faces.

After the fun afternoon with Jessica and the students, I went to see my friend Tori and spent some girl time with her over the weekend. We went to a pop up shop/tent sale at Anthropologie and then spent some time in the park taking pictures. After spending the afternoon with Amy taking some fall photos a few weeks ago and now taking some with Tori, I just can't wait to share! I loved capturing the beauty of Autumn and hanging out with these girls. I played around with some effects and filters in Lightroom and here are the results!

I just love Autumn. It's my favorite season; the fresh air and the crisp, cool mornings. The leaves changing and dancing through the air give life to the last few moments before winter sets in and time slows. I love capturing these Autumn days.


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