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Hello readers! As this month unfolds, I plan to continue with the #blogtemberchallenge, whether live or scheduled posts. I will also be posting a few guest bloggers throughout the month too so be sure to keep an eye out! Today's prompt is all about what I am passionate about. I'm passionate about so many different things, sometimes it gets me into trouble! I love coffee + nature + creativity + community + living life to the fullest. I'm passionate about art + Jesus + and positivity. For this post I am going to focus on what my biggest area of growth and passion is focused on.

I figure that this would be the perfect time to share some information about Oakmoss Collective with you! I've received a few questions and comments wondering what it's all about so without further prolonging an introduction, I want to explain + introduce the community of Oakmoss Collective.
You can read a little bit about what Oakmoss was born out of here. It had been something on my heart for a little while now and I finally decided (after months of planning) to get started! The inspiration came from Kinfolk, The Peony Project, and Darling Magazine. As I began, I was filled with doubt and uncertainty of where I wanted it to go and if people would believe in it, let alone read the blog posts. Taking the leap of promoting it was a big step for me. Did I want it to become a magazine eventually? Did I want to focus on simplicity in nature, in food, in people, in.... what? Where will it go and who will be interested? All those questions flooded my mind as I prepared to launch Oakmoss. One night as I was planning and worrying I suddenly felt a peace in my heart and thought, "Why am I worrying about what others will think and if it'll be popular? It's something that was placed in my heart and that I am passionate about and I need to focus on the here and now and guide it to where God is directing it to go." It was such a calming thought and since then I've been taking it one step at a time. It was such a good decision to do so, too.

Oakmoss Collective is for people that enjoy nature, simplicity, and creating. The goal is to get people out of the house, off the computer, and out adventuring. It sounds sort of like a contradiction, but my hopes are to reach readers online (a platform that is most popular and draws the most attention) and encourage them to create, travel, cook, and celebrate life with friends and family. Over the summer, we featured interviews with Harmony Society, Eryn Eddy of So Worth Loving, and Half Dozen Café! There were a few recipes and plenty of blog posts on topics like simplicity, light, and blooming.

My dream is that Oakmoss Collective grows and reaches + inspires many creatives. I am so excited to see how God uses it. Last weekend we had the opportunity to host a terrarium workshop. It was the first thing I ever taught and I had a blast. So thankful for the new friends I made too!

If you have any questions or comments about Oakmoss, please leave them in the comments below. I hope that you'll check out the site and sign up for the monthly newsletter too! I am so blessed to watch my passions come together and grow into a space for others to create, collaborate, and be inspired. Below I have highlighted a few of my favorite posts written by the creative team that I hope you enjoy!

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