How to Stay Inspired.

Today, I'm sharing all about inspiration! What inspires you the most? Where do you draw your inspiration from? Is there anyone who constantly inspires you?

Today I want to share my sources of inspiration with you lovely readers, as well as share some tips on how to stay inspired. If you have any tips or sources of inspiration you'd like to share, please comment below!

For me, I get inspiration from a lot of different people and places. I love reading different art/design books and blogs. I love Instagram because there are so many creative, unique accounts out there! They give me inspiration for my posts and for my photography, as well as adding to the list of places I want to visit. Kinsey Mhire does fantastic travel photography and you need to follow her ASAP. ErbaFloral is a great account if you like florals and eclectic photography. Soul Scripts is great for lettering inspiration and faith encouragement! The Rising Tide Society + The Peony Project are great for community and creative encouragement, and I definitely recommend checking them out on Facebook as well! I really love Théo Gosselin's film photography + Mariam Sitchinava Photography too. They're so artistic and vulnerable. (There is some nudity in their work so only click the links if you can appreciate it as art!) In addition, art and nature really inspire me to be creative and try new things too.

Now that you've seen what inspires me, I would love to share some other tips that really keep me inspired and creative throughout the week!

  1. Always having good coffee on hand. This sort of explains itself. How can you be passionate and inspired if you're drinking bad coffee? I don't believe you can.
  2. Watch a TED Talk or listen to a podcast on topics that you love. Hearing others talk about their passions and how you can continue to create and be passionate and stay inspired really can help! Learning new ideas and concepts can get us thinking which in turn can get us moving towards a new goal.
  3. Have a notepad nearby. Always.  Whether it's in your car or your purse or at your desk, having a notepad to doodle in and jot down thoughts is super important for the creative mind. Have you ever had an idea that was amazing and then forgot what it was 30 minutes later? Always have a notepad.
  4. Apply the 50/10 rule. When working for an extended period of time, it's a great idea to apply the 50/10 rule. This rule is to work hard for 50 minutes and then allow yourself to relax for 10 minutes. Get something to eat, doodle, rest. Get your ideas back together and collect your thoughts before you start at it again.
  5. Try something new. Try drawing, go for a walk to a new park, eat something you've never tried before, wake up earlier than you usually do, take the bus instead of driving, hold the door for a stranger. Mixing up your routine and lifestyle for a few minutes every now and again (as long as it isn't in a negative or harmful way) can be SO helpful with getting your creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new hobby? Or maybe you'll try something and learn that it just wasn't for you. Get out of the same old routine you've been living in for the past 5 years.
  6. Rearrange furniture. This might sound silly but I find it really helpful sometimes to sit in a new spot or move my working space around every now and again to get me in a new spot. I don't know if I believe in the whole zen aspect, but looking out the window or facing a doorway can definitely get your mind working in different ways!

What are some ways you stay inspired?


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