DIY Drink Cart Makeover

Mark + I love coffee. It's nothing new. We fell in love over many coffee dates, and to this day it's one of our favorite things to do! This past year, Mark has really been trying to make the perfect cup of coffee. He's gotten an AeroPress, a V60 pour over, a French Press, a Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle, and gone through many different blends, roasts, and brands of coffee. He has his favorites and I have mine and I know that I'll never have to worry about whether or not our morning coffee will be good. He's figured out all the yummy ways to make a cup!

Over the next few weeks, Mark and I will be doing a lot of moving and unpacking. Our new apartment is the cutest little thing and the kitchen has just enough space for a drink cart! We found this really old, 3-shelf cart in his grandmother's basement that we decided to clean up and renovate into the perfect coffee station/drink cart!

First, we made a trip to Lowes (Home Depot or a hardware store will do, too) and got all of our supplies. We grabbed some latex gloves (get a few pairs or a big pack because they tend to tear), 3M Sanding Sponge- Fine Grit, 6-Packrespirators, Rust-Oleum white paint for the base coat, and then a light mint color for the top coat. 

Ready for some renovations!

We started out by sanding off as much of the old paint, rust, and grime that we could.

This is what we used for the base coat.
It prevents rust and also helped the mint color to really pop!

If you decide to take a project like this on, be sure to cover the surfaces
that you're painting over with tarp, or go outside. Make sure there
is plenty of air flow and ventilation so you don't inhale harmful fumes.

When using spray paint, make sure the strokes are even and cover every spot. Spray from a few inches away to prevent spotting and drips.

And here you have the finished product!


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