Day 10: A Tiny Traveler's Bucketlist.

Jumping back in to the Blogtember Challenge after taking a few days off! Tuesday, Mark and I got our marriage license and paid off the rest of our venue and caterer (praise God!!!) and then yesterday my mom and I moved a lot of my stuff to Harrisburg so that we could get that out of the way before we get too swamped with wedding prep!

Today we are prompted to write about our bucket lists. I am super excited to share 10 things off of mine because it's always changing + growing. I don't have it written down anywhere, just sort of all these goals and ideas in my head and on scraps of paper, but I can definitely pick 10 to share with you today! Leave some of your goals below in the comments, too. I would love to hear some!

1. Travel to Ireland.
2. Have Oakmoss Collective grow into a place that it can financially support itself.
3. Drive up the Californian coast.
4. See the lantern festival in Japan.
5. Get married. (eep!)
6. Live in a city.
7. Have a huge garden in my backyard. I'm talking flowers, veggies, + fruits!
8. Visit Seattle.
9. Go on a week-long photography spree with close friends in a place we've never been.
10. Drive cross-country with my husband.


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