Currently in September.

For this challenge, we're asked to update our readers on life. (Usually I do a "Life, Lately" post but today I want to try something new). I got this list setup from Brave Love Blog and I love it! It sort of reminds me of those Myspace lists people used to tag you in to fill out. Anyone remember those?

So, let's get started! Currently I am:

Reading... I just finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and I'm about to start reading the Harry Potter series for the first time (as all the Potter Heads gasp).
Playing... Crossy Road. It's so fun + I keep getting new characters so I have a hard time putting it down!
Watching... Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, and Gilmore Girls. I love Netflix.
Trying... To finish up all the last minute wedding details before the week of so I can just relax!
Cooking... Grilled Cheese.
Eating... Nothing... waiting for the grilled cheese. 
Drinking... Peach Green Tea has been my favorite lately!
Calling... myself Mrs. Natalie Gettis to get used to it :)
Texting... Mark 
Pinning... Different ideas for home design. I am so excited to move into our new apartment!!
Tweeting... about my bachelorette that I just got home from. It was so fun. We went to Atlantic City and walked on the board walk, had dinner, played games in the hotel room, and went shopping!
Going... to get married in 2 weeks :)
Loving... the fact that autumn is almost here and I can wear sweaters again.
Hating... all the traffic in Philly because the Pope is coming to town.
Discovering... how to trust God and my family with wedding things. I am so nervous that I'll do something wrong or mess something up or hurt someone's feelings, but lately I've been figuring out how to take a deep breath and trust that it'll all work out and be amazing!
Thinking... about the earlier mentioned grilled cheese.
Feeling... anxious but excited for the future.
Hoping (for)... no rain on our rehearsal dinner night and wedding day!
Listening (to)... the sound of rain outside my window.
Celebrating... #GoingGettis!!!
Smelling... my new bottle of tea tree oil.
Ordering... our bridal party gifts. I cannot wait until they get here!
Thanking... everyone who has contributed, prayed for, encouraged, or helped with the wedding prep in any sort of way. It seriously means so much to Mark and I. We wouldn't be able to do this without our family and friends and their support.

Considering... cutting my hair after our honeymoon. and also piercing my nose. and getting a new tattoo whenever I have spending money again! (probably not for a while!)
Starting... to pack for my move to Harrisburg into our new place.
Finishing... an online english class.

So as you can see... the excitement and prep for our wedding is taking over. In just 2 weeks Mark and I will be married and this wedding stress will be over and we'll live happily ever after. The End.


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