Tori + Charles' Engagement.

Today I am so excited to link up for Grateful Heart Monday and share some fantastic news. A week ago, my best friend (and maid of honor) Tori got engaged! It was the most fun, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it.

On Sunday, we all decided the head to the beach after church. We met up at Ocean City, New Jersey and enjoyed the boardwalk for an hour or so. The whole time you could tell that Charles (Tori's now-fiancé) was nervous but he tried to hide it like a champ. We got on our suits and headed now to the water. After a little bit of time, we finally found a spot that wasn't too close the water and other people, but unfortunately the beach was very crowded. As we were all getting ready to relax or swim, Charles told Tori that he wanted to get something to eat so they started to make their way back to the boardwalk. Mark and I knew that it was time, so we grabbed our cameras and we, along with Nick and Jessica, secretly ran after them. This was it. The moment that we'd been waiting for all day and the moment that Tori didn't see coming.

It was such a cute proposal. She said yes, of course, and the people who watched on the boardwalk cheered and clapped and yelled "Congratulations!" across the boardwalk. I am so happy for the both of them! They are so in love and I enjoy spending time with them as a couple so to see them make the decision to move forward towards a forever in their relationship was such a lovely thing! I can't wait to help Tori + Charles plan and set up and enjoy newlywed life alongside them with Mark. This is going to be great!

On top of being very thankful to have been a part of that special day, I wanted to share some other things from that Sunday in July that made me smile.

+ the ocean
+ the hum of people on the beach and boardwalk as seagulls soared overhead and waves crashed
+ spending time with good friends
+ my friend Matt got home from a summer in Scotland safely and we all got to see him later that night
+ green smoothies on the boardwalk
+ my travel buddy, Mark
+ the big, warm, yellow sun

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