Best Tips for Traveling Alone as a Female.

Hello readers! Today on the blog, Laura is guest posting! She blogs over at According to Laura Jean and has a great post for all you lady travelers out there today. Grab a cup of coffee and read up!

The desire for adventure and feeling of wanderlust is on the mind of everyone. It may be a generational concept, but the itch to explore unknown places is more present than ever. In my previous career I traveled a lot. I was on the road almost every week day for months at a time and had the fabulous opportunity to explore parts of this country I otherwise would not have. From the rolling plains of the Midwest to the busy market streets of Seattle to the cactus of Arizona, I saw and experienced a lot of new places on my own.

As a young woman who will always be fond of traveling, I think it is important to start a conversation around traveling alone and how to be safe about it. Whether you are a business woman on a quick trip across the country, like I was, or have an adventurous spirit to get out and explore, there are precautions to take when by yourself.
Share Your Plans
Before hitting the road on your own adventure, share your plans with a few family members and friends. My husband always had a general idea of what my schedule was for the day and could check in with me if needed. In case something were to happen, he knew where I should be and how to get ahold of me. Keeping others informed of a general itinerary gives both you and loved ones a peace of mind.

Keep It Vague on Social Media
I love social media. I use Instagram all the time and enjoy connecting with others who recommend local places to visit. Social media, however, can lead to too many details for too many people when you are traveling on your own. With the use of geotagging, someone can know your whereabouts within a matter of minutes. When traveling, I am always cautious about leaving any clues to traveling alone, my location, or my activities. Share your photos, statuses, and tweets on social media, but be cautious of how many details you post for the whole world to see.

Use Your Common Sense
It likely goes without saying, but use your common sense and be smart. There is a fine line between being safe and smart versus worrying and overthinking. Rely on your intuition and know yourself well. If something feels odd or uncomfortable, chances are your body is telling you it is. Have fun, travel much and rely on your common sense to carry you through.

What travel tips do you have for females adventuring on their own? How do you be cautious while still enjoying travel opportunities?


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