What I Love About Summertime.

Every year I debate whether I enjoy Summer or Autumn more. Each year, Autumn wins. Today I was thinking about all the wonderful things that are coming my way in the fall: crisp weather, warm sweaters, our wedding, a new home, nights on the porch under an afghan sipping hot tea, the morning chill as I pour a cup of coffee. Oh yes, I do love Autumn!

But what about Summer? Each year as it approaches, I think about the big, warm, beautiful sun. I think about swimming + trips to the seaside. I think about sleeping in late on the weekends and having no school work to worry about. I think about my birthday.

Summer has always held a special spot in my heart because it is full of possibility. It is filled with freedoms and opportunities that Winter and Spring do not necessarily carry. Autumn is fantastic, but today I wanted to pause for a moment and think about all the things I love about Summer. I'd love to hear some of your favorite things in the comments below!

My Favorites:
+ Reading on the front porch, enjoying the sunshine and birds singing.
+ Sipping iced tea or lemonade as I read.
+ Going to the beach with friends and family for the weekend.
+ Laying in the sun with nothing to do.
+ Staying up late and sleeping in.
+ Iced coffee!
+ Sweet slices of watermelon.
+ Going on road trips, and driving with the windows down.
+ Meeting new people and exploring new places.
+ Going swimming in lakes, rivers, pools, and oceans. (I love the water!)
+ Melty ice cream in a waffle cone.
+ Laying in a hammock and watching the trees dance overhead.

What are some of your favorites? What have you been up to this summer?


  1. Autumn is my favorite, too, but I've been trying to soak in the summertime while it lasts! Like you, I love iced lattes in the summer, traveling, beach time, and lazy days at the pool. Love your list!

  2. You are so right about the freedoms that come with summer! Love this post!
    Carsyn |https://colorfullycarsyn.blogspot.com|

  3. Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love just being able to be outside every day. This summer I've been spending alot of time home renovating and fixing up my garden

  4. <3 I LOVE summer too but I think I'm ready for fall! <3

  5. The beach and staying up late are my favorites!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic summer! :) It gets quite hot where we live so I don't feel like we can be outside as much, but the evenings are lovely!

  7. I'm definitely more of a fall girl especially since moving to southern New Mexico where the summers are way too hot to really enjoy the outdoors as much! (Although, summer nights are wonderful!). I do love the feeling you get in anticipation of summer when it's spring time and you can tell that summer is coming. I love summer thunderstorms because that's really the only time it rains down here!

  8. Thank you Jenna :) I work full time this summer, but on the weekends I try to soak up as much of the summer as I can! Wish I had a little more free time to relax at the beach and go on little road trips.

  9. Sounds fun! I can't wait to start a garden :)

  10. I'm trying to soak up as much summertime as I can, but secretly I am counting down the days for fall as well ;)

  11. I love summer nights! The past few weeks have been unbearably hot in my area, but yesterday and today were BEAUTIFUL in the high 70's.

  12. Oh wow! That's a bummer that it's so hot and dry :/ I feel like it's always raining here in PA. Come up here and take some rainclouds back with you!


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