Being Grateful in the Midst of Hard Things

The past week has been wild. Good things, bad things, in-between things. I am exhausted.

If you haven't heard about the accident at my church last week, you can read about it here. It's really been taking a toll on my family and my church. Everyone is working extra hard to make sure that the church holds together and surrounds the Koch family in prayer and intercession. Meals are being prepared, plans are being made, there are a few changes and schedules are being altered. It's a lot going on and with both parents working in the church, our house is a little chaotic as well.

Bryan is having another surgery today and needs prayer that it goes well and he recovers quickly and without pain. As you pray, please also keep in mind the Koch family. The funeral for Lynn is this week and her sons and parents and husband need all the prayer and emotional support we can give. Thank you for your prayers and concerns!

It's a little hard to talk about and articulate at times, but I am just tired. Betsy wrote this great post that felt like it was pulling everything from my heart and brain. Life gets hard and messy. We all will face adversity and trials, but we all have a choice in how to respond to it.

I've come to realize that throughout my life things have been easier when I choose to dwell on the good rather than sit and sulk or focus on the past and the bad things that have happened. You can never change the past but you can improve the present and the future with the choices you make.

Whether it's being a part from Mark, the tragedy that happened in my church, missing my family, being at a job that was much less than what I expected, losing friends, and dealing with personal heartache from the cancer diagnosis in Mark's family and the emotional things I am dealing with is all just tiring.  Even in the midst of this though, I cannot stop living life. What good would that do? I can not let depression and heartache win. I can't let myself start comparing myself to others or being jealous of the good in their lives. Focusing on my blessings is the best way to get through life's storms. Clinging to Jesus and the promises he has for me are what will see me through.

So while the words may not come easy, and while my heart is heavy and feeling low I can be grateful because I am still blessed. I got my wedding dress on Thursday and then over the weekend I spent time with dear friends and was in a wedding. It was the first wedding I had ever been in and it was so fun! I am even more excited now for Mark and I's wedding in September!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your job is trying. But I am glad you are focusing on the positive, like getting your wedding dress. So exciting!.

  2. So sorry to hear.. Sending much light and love you way. xo

  3. Thank you Lindsay! Prayers are very appreciated.

  4. Thank you LeeLee! It's really helpful to count life's blessings :)

  5. I'm at VC and our entire church is praying for yours nonstop. Looking at the good side of things...I love how our churches, and the others in the area, are there for each other during times like these. I know other churches that tend to compete all of the time, I'm so glad we go to churches that aren't like that. It's so cool to see Christ bring everyone together. We won't stop praying for your church and Bryan's family.

  6. Thank you so much Abby! It is such a blessing to go to a church that joins together with others for prayer and the same mission.


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