A Few Updates!

Hello readers!

I'll be honest, I've been going through a lot lately with the accident with the Kochs and a full time job and wedding planning as well as some other personal, emotional things so blogging hasn't been my main priority. I have a little free time this morning however, so I decided to do a little "housekeeping" so to speak.

Check out some of my favorite reads from the past couple of weeks, read my recent posts, and check out these fun announcements!

I'm having a sale on PassionFruit ad space! Expires June 30th.

Have you read....

I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram until Friday June 26th!

These are some favorite posts from blog friends...
+ Katie's post about Living With Less
+ Betsy's post about Facing Tragedy
+ Kaycie's encouragement for when you feel torn
+ Anna's peek into her Travel Makeup Bag

My birthday is on Thursday (yay!) and I am so excited. I love birthdays! I work all this week, and tonight I am going to yoga class but other than that nothing to spectacular. I hope you enjoyed these updates and reads!

What are you doing this week? :)


  1. Thank you Emily! I appreciate that :) I hope you have a nice week too!

  2. I can definitely understand putting blogging on the backburner while you're dealing with a lot going on. I hope the wedding planning goes well! When is your wedding going to be? Happy early birthday!!

  3. Thank you Jenna! Our wedding is September 26, 2015. Only 3 months from Friday! :) I am so excited.

  4. Thanks for linking my post up here Natalie! I've been trying to get back into the swing of blogging too, so its always great to have encouragement from friends who like your posts! Happy Birthday tomorrow! :)

  5. just wedding planning is enough to leave blogging at bay for a little! also, have a happy birthday!

  6. I enjoyed reading this and checking out your recommended posts! Happy Birthday!


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