The Creative Women's Summit

Today (in about 15 minutes) the Creative Women's Summit will begin. I am so excited to join in on the live stream and I can't wait to hear the different speakers, be inspired, and get creative!

If you'd like to watch too just click here and enjoy! My coffee and notepad are ready and I hope that you'll get something out of this, because I sure hope I do.

I am especially excited to hear Jess Connolly and Lysa Terkeurst speak. I've seen Lysa at another event before and she was really great. These women of God have so much to share, so join in and be inspired!


  1. I wanted to catch this but I was at work!

  2. I think that it was recorded Lauren. You should check it out after work!

  3. If you're a member of the Influence Network, you should get a link to a recording that can be watched at any time!


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