Easter Sunday.

Hallelujah, what a Savior! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are blessed this wonderful holiday weekend. I love Easter, and yes I'll admit that chocolate bunnies do have a little something to do with it. More important than that though, I love Easter because it is a time that we can gather together with family, friends, and church members to celebrate the sacrifice that Christ made for us and the gift of salvation that he gave to us, freely.

As Easter started to approach, I kept telling myself that I would be writing a devotional or a post about Good Friday and the Easter miracle and salvation, but time got the best of me. The last few days I was in Hershey, Pa serving on the media team with PennDel District for the Assemblies of God for our annual youth convention in the GIANT Center. It was awesome!

I had the privilege of running the Instagram account (which you can follow here) and I got to share pictures of students, the worship band, the pre-service games, and the speaker. It as amazing to see so many teenagers running after God and seeking Him. For the service on Friday, we took Communion and had a candle lighting that was absolutely beautiful!

God is so, so good. The week leading up to Easter has been a bit rough. I've been trying to get homework done, have the energy to go to class, and running on very little sleep while preparing for youth convention and trying to help Mark as much as I can. His new job entails a lot of prep work for the convention media and setup. On top of that, there are some personal things that I've been trying to get through, and we had found out that Mark's mom had a tumor in her eye. Surgery was early this week and went really well, but it had just caused some worry and sadness. Looking back at the confusion, exhaustion, and stress from this week however, I see God's hand in it. He provided in so many ways and it makes this Easter more special!

God is good, even when we don't understand or see it right away. He is loving, He is wise, and He holds us in times of trouble as well as times of joy. The sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for humanity holds so much weight, knowing that there is so much wrongdoing, fear, hatred, and confusion in the world. He died so that we (and yes I do mean everyone) doesn't have to. He gave his life so that we might be saved from an eternal peril! God is good.

The grave could not contain the power of His name!

If you want to read more about the first Easter, read Luke chapter 23 and chapter 24 in your Bible! Happy Easter everyone!


  1. At least you had a good time despite being busy! I meant to do some Easter posts as well but yeah that whole time thing gets in the way sometimes ha

  2. Abby, I hear you! Life gets so busy sometimes and when we finally get downtime some things take priority to blogging. I totally understand.


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