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It's been a few days since my last post. I've been swamped with homework, work, and wedding planning. Today I wanted to take a moment and share some things about a new ministry that a friend of mine is in the process of turning into a non-profit. Check it out!

Are you a woman? Do you love Jesus? Are you interested in being encouraged every single day?

Join LOVE LIFE MINISTRIES! We are a group of ladies, just like you, who are striving daily to love life, and make the best of this crazy world we live in! We strive to be encouragers. To be women of faith. To love with all we have.

We share stories of victory, in hopes that ladies would see just how magnificent God is and what He is capable of doing if we would just ask. We face trials, climb mountains, and navigate through the tough stuff together. We do this because this is what He called us to do.

LOVE LIFE MINISTRIES stands for, “Ladies of Victory & Encouragement Living in Faith Every Day.”

Do you love life? Would you like to start?

We’d love to have you.

Our mission statement here at LOVE LIFE reflects our name perfectly. We choose every single day to wake up and be victorious. We choose to encourage. We choose to live in faith EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most of all, we choose love.

How was LOVE LIFE created? — Back in 2012, The Lord laid it on Brittany and Ty’s heart to start a Facebook group called “LOVE LIFE”. This group was designed specifically for married women between 20-30 years old to come and have a safe place to talk, learn, and pray with one another. Since then, God has confirmed it to me that this group needs to have its walls stripped down, and that all women across the globe need to learn how to LOVE LIFE. The only requirement to be a part of LOVE LIFE is that you have to be at least 18 years old. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, engaged, divorced, or widowed. Jesus loves us all the same. By bringing all women together, we can all learn and grow together in any season of life.
2015 is our year, friends. The Lord has called us, along with Tiffany and her fiancé Zack, and now we have to be obedient and go. We are in the stages now of raising funds so that we can become a non-profit ministry, and help spread the word of Christ to bring life and healing to women around the world.

I have compiled a quick list of some reasons (although there are so many more) of why we are trying to become a non-profit organization/ministry in the state of Maryland.

1. We want to come together to serve the women in this community and the communities surrounding, as well as the world. We want to use our past brokenness to share a message of hope, life, and healing to any who will listen.

2. Our main goals for Love Life Ministries are:
A. To hold small groups with the intentions of intergenerational mentoring.
B. To become established in our communities as a safe place for women to gather judgment free.
C. To hold conferences, retreats, and seminars with Godly leaders, as well as worship with God-fearing musicians.
D. To show women what it means and how to finally LOVE LIFE.

3. We want to be able to (in time) offer free childcare to women who attend our services and events so that they never have to miss out on an opportunity to hear from God.
4. We also in time want to be able to offer women scholarships to attend our events if their finances do not allow for them to attend. We want to preach, and teach "no women left behind."

5. We want to be able to provide attenders teaching materials (Bibles, etc.) if they do not have any.

6. God told us to.

Would you please check out our fundraising website and prayerfully consider helping us in this journey? If you cannot help fund us, your prayers are just as important. If you are praying for us, please shoot us an email at or and let us know!

Blessings to you, friends and family. We are excited to chase our dreams all while living out HIS plan for our lives.
You can donate here!


  1. Sounds like an amazing ministry! I hope it takes off and is successful.

  2. Thank you Maria! They've got such big hearts.


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