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Wow! This past week has really been something. So much has happened, yet at the same time I feel like I didn't really accomplish much. I got a huge project finished for my Theories and Techniques class about Existential Psychotherapy (yeah... no thanks). It was a brain buster for sure! Then I got a few wedding details sorted out, enjoyed a snow day and then spent some time with friends throughout the week. On top of my classes, work, and that assignment mentioned earlier, when Friday rolled around I was exhausted. Looking at the list of things that I did and the amount of exhaustion I feel makes me seem like such an old lady! But really, I am so glad that Spring Break is here and I can get a few things done before the semester wraps up.

I cannot believe that in two months I will be graduating and in six and a half months I'll be getting married! Oh. My. Word.

So real quick, before I have another panic attack, let's look at some things you may have missed from the past week or so and what I've been up to! (feel free to leave links and comments below, filling me in on all you're up to, too!)

Did you see:
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I went to Anthropologie with Betsy, got some save-the-dates in the mail,
and got the Entrepreneur edition of Kinfolk. 
Last weekend was Mark, Kat, Vanessa, Andrew,
and Kaitlyn's joint birthday party. It was a Murder
Mystery... and I was the killer!!

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  1. Love Kinfolk! + it's great that you promote other great blogs-- Love it!

  2. You've got a lot of things in the future to look forward to, that's awesome!! :)


  3. WOW! Lady you have had a busy week! It seems as though you did get a lot accomplished! I remember while in college I worked almost full time and I NEVER had time to self! It left me feeling as tho I had not really accomplished much since everything I did revolved around school! Good luck with school...its almost over!!! You will miss it some day!

  4. Thank you! I already miss it when I think about graduating.


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