Grateful Heart Monday

Today is Monday.

That sentence fills me with dread some weeks. Sometimes it fills me with joy. Usually, I am indifferent, like today. Monday is neither wonderful or terrible. In fact, it's just an average day. Some things made me really mad and some things made me really happy. I'm tired and hungry (like always) but I also feel rejuvenated from the weekend. It's one of those days that usually goes by unnoticed.

On Mondays like these, I am especially excited for Emily's Grateful Heart Monday link-up because it sort of gives me that push to find things I am thankful for on an ordinary Monday.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Today, I am especially thankful for my family. My step-dad was battling some health issues last week and he's starting to feel better but we were all worried. Thank you all for your prayers! My dad's girlfriend also just had their baby and he is healthy and adorable! Welcome to the world, baby Caden!

Here is a little list of other things I am grateful for today:
+ sunrises
+ graduation is only 46 days away
+ caesar salads... i've been loving them lately
+ spending time with friends... i've been really clingy lately
+ the anticipation that comes with following your dreams (you know you're dreaming big when you're a little nervous to tell people but insanely excited too!)
+ chapstick

What are you thankful for today? I'd love to hear about your Monday! 


  1. I love that you included caesar salads. I lol'd but they are my favorite too. You can't really go wrong with them.

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation! That's so exciting.

  2. I've been favoring Caesar salads too. The croutons almost make up for all the veggies.

  3. Haha I love vegetables so I feel like I cheat when I eat Caesar salads because there's so much "non veggie" ingredients! I love them though.

  4. hope your step dad is alright- sending thoughts and prayers to you all! and love your list <3

  5. Yay! How exciting that you're SO CLOSE to graduating!!! :-)

  6. All the best to you, sweetheart! Monday can be tough, but as long as we strongly believe that we will get through them, we surely will! Love! :)

  7. Thank you so much Nelle! He is starting to feel a little bit better.

  8. Doing this linkup w/ you guys each week is sometimes the only thing that encourages me out of bed and to start the day (that and the fact that I usually bribe myself with coffee...) ;)

    "I've been really clingy lately" - this made me laugh out loud, haha! Thanks for lining up, Natalie!

  9. Hahah thank you Emily! I love linking up. It's a great way to remind myself of blessings and to read about other blogger's lives and blessings too.


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