the perfect weekend.

Happy President's Day!
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and long weekend. On Friday a few of my friends and I had a little Galentine's party and then on Saturday Mark surprised me and took me to Brooklyn and had a day filled with activities. We had lunch on Sunday with his aunt and uncle (they're so fun!) and then today, Jessica and I sat in bed and watched movies all morning. (Praise God that we had a day off). 

What did you do?


Galentine's Day sushi and cookies!!

We watched Water for Elephants and Dan, In Real Life.

Art and Craft workshops at the indoor flea market Mark took me too.

Seriously, the best conversations were had over lunch on Sunday.

Also, the post prior to this one is a little Valentine video I made for fun! Enjoy :)


  1. I love the pictures and Valentine's weekend adventures! :) Dan in Real Life is my favorite movie--I should rewatch it again soon!

  2. Adorable pictures! I appreciate that you made time to celebrate all kinds of love this weekend.

  3. I love Dan in Real Life and Brooklyn. Sounds like a very fun Valentine's Weekend!

  4. Awww! What a sweet and fun weekend/Valentine's day! I've never been to New York, but I've heard that it's best to visit after New Years, when it isn't crowded because all of the Christmas visitors are gone!

  5. PERFECT Valentine's weekend! I'm so glad I got to spend part of it with you. And I love your video - you're so creative and inspiring! :)

  6. Really? I loved it! It was my first time seeing it.

  7. Thank you Brittany! I hope you had a good weekend as well!

  8. Oh my goodness Sarah, you must go!! It is so lovely :)

  9. Thank you Jessica :) I'm glad you were a part of it too!


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