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The Christmas and New Years festivities have come to an end and most of us are back in school or work and falling into a new routine for 2015. While this may seem like it isn't all that exciting, just think about the year that lies before you. The weekend adventures you'll be having, the business trips and conferences you'll be attending, the visits home or maybe to see your long-distance partner! There are trips ahead in 2015 and you need to be prepared!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my essential items to pack in your purse or book bag when going on a long car ride, out of state, or even right down the road. 

In the winter, you can be sure of one thing: it gets colder. Whether you're on the east coast, west coast, or smack dab in the middle, temperatures tend to drop. So you'll need the follow to make sure you stay comfortable while you're traveling:

- chapstick
(chapped lips? ouch!)

-a pair of gloves
(the steering wheel can get cold)

(to prevent any messes or stop a runny nose)

-hand lotion
(cold temperatures can lead to dry skin)

(if there's snow on the ground, the glare of the sun can be super bright!)

Now that you've got your necessities packed away, here are a few other things that might make your trip more enjoyable! (whether the driver or passenger, I always try to have these items handy when traveling):

-a good book... or two
-a camera
-cell phone (and the charger!!)
-a car adapter for your cell phone charger
-a neck pillow
-pen and notepad to write down any thoughts/ideas 
you might have on a long drive while looking out the window

In addition to all these items, you want to make sure you know where you're going, so a GPS or map is really helpful. Make sure that you have any tickets or boarding passes readily available and a printed copy to be safe. Another thing that might make your trip more fun and a little less stressful is booking a car through RelayRides!

Relay Rides is this really cool company that you can get local rental cars through, and you can even make a little extra money by renting your car too! They're insured and totally safe, and for those that might not want to take their car somewhere (or are unable to) this is a fantastic alternative to those big car rental companies that charge a ton per day for using one of their brand new cars. You can also meet some new people through this system of car renting and guess what? Parking the car you rent at the airport... totally free! You can even rent cars straight from any of these airports! So it is definitely worth looking into if you want to make some extra money or if you need to rent a car for your next vacation or business trip!

Do you have any essentials that you pack when traveling in the winter?


  1. Here in Northern Nevada, I always take a blanket, handwarmers, water and snacks, just in case, I get stuck in the snow.

  2. That's really smart Becky! Thank you for sharing!


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