bridal expos and bratwurst.

this past saturday, i was able to spend the morning with three of my lovely friends in philly. we went to a bridal expo and had lunch in the city and visited a few shops that i've been hoping to visit. the wedding planning process was starting to get a little frustrating and slow, so going to the expo was really perfect timing and made me excited about the planning process again! next week we have an appointment to see a venue that i hope and pray has an opening in september.

jessica // tori // me // amy

after we waited in line and got some free samples (soooo many cupcakes!) we got to sign up for giveaways + take photos in the Photo Booth. it was so much fun and afterwards we went out to lunch at this place called BrĂ¼ Craft and Wurst and it was so cute. they had very good german inspired food and the atmosphere was so cute with lots of wood elements and stringed lighting. afterwards we stopped in a soap and bath bomb shop as well as this cute stationery store. i just had such a nice time to start off the semester and when we got back to the apartment i never felt more exhausted! but it was worth it because it was a day well spent, and then i got to sleep for like, eleven hours. yay!

this beauty

veggie burger with pickled onions and the best fries ever.

i was in stationery heaven! 
duross & langel soap shop 
this is my favorite picture of the day! these girls are so silly :)


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