My Favorite Moments of 2014

I cannot believe today is the last day of 2014! My oh my how the time sure does fly!

I was going to do a "life, lately" post but I realized that doing a recap of my favorite moments of 2014 would be much more suiting. It will be a little long, but writing this brings to mind so many wonderful and important moments from the past year. Let me start out with January 2014.


I dyed my hair blonde and purple! // credit


Blog Post: Patience + Growth

Gal-entine's Dinner!
I went swing dancing for the first time.


Went to a Flyers game with my dad!

St. Patrick's Day breakfast with Jessica

Great Gatsby Party

Tori's going-away party, a surprise before she left for Greece!


Blog Post: be encouraged

Went to a Lorde concert with Rachel, Will, and Zach.
Did this really awesome shoot with some pretty ladies!


-started writing for Walk the Same

Had an "end of the year" picnic with friends

Went with Jessica to get her first tattoo!!


Blog Post: a special letter

I went to the Vegan and Vegetarian Festival in Philadelphia.

Mark and I got back together!


Blog Post: The First Official Tiny Traveler Guest Post

-started my internship

Donuts at the beach!

Summer trips to the art museum 

4th of July!


-The Peony Project was started by Betsy!

More trips to Brooklyn 
Meeting up with Alyssa in Ohio!

The flower arrangement workshop with The Flower Press.


Coffee With Summer 
Exploring Phoenixville with Jessica

Ministry Fair with Inspire


Mr. and Mrs. Gettis and Matt Gettis went on a huge
bike ride to take a stand to cancer! Go Team Gettis!

fall break + sleepovers with Amy

The Peony Project Get Together

pumpkin picking!


Kimberly + Thomas got engaged!

Found a new coffee spot, Brewed Awakening!

Inspire at Women of Purpose conference.


So many wonderful Christmas-y memories!

CharCo Christmas party with friends!

Betsy + Aj got engaged on Christmas Eve!

Oh... Mark + I got engaged too!!!! A post will follow with the engagement story :)

I hope you all have a safe, happy, and blessed New Years!


  1. Natalie, you're so cool. :) Loved looking back at your memories from the year. Looks like you really invested some great time in your friends and family - that's the best!

  2. What a fantastic year, thank you for sharing. Happy New Year!

  3. What a great year. :) Hooray for 2015!

  4. Love your overalls. :-) Congratulations on your engagement!

  5. So happy for you guys! Love you :)

  6. So many wonderful things this year! Swing dancing sounds like so much fun :)


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