Live to Enjoy the Light

So for those of you that weren't aware, I recently was given the opportunity to address the student body of the University of Valley Forge. It was a pretty crazy experience, because I don't really like talking in front of large crowds, especially about something super personal.

When I got up on the stage, I was shaking but after I introduced myself and thanked a few people, all my nerves were gone! I felt at such peace, and I knew that it was because I was supposed to be up there, sharing my story.

Many of you may have already seen it online or been there in person. I know that I had a lot of family and friends praying for me and I just want to take a second right now and say thank you. Thank you so much for your prayers and for believing in me. The support and encouragement I received was overwhelming and I cannot express my gratitude enough! For those of you that haven't seen it, I wanted to share it here. I've shared my heart on so many subjects here on A Tiny Traveler, and I want to be open and authentic with you all. 

A Tiny Traveler isn't just about sharing stories of far off adventures or backyard finds, it's not just for me to blab about my latest instagram post or share some travel tips, but I want the heart to be where I share stories (and others contribute in guest posts) of places that I have traveled in life. Destinations of happiness and getting closer to God. Journeying through trials and muggy areas in life. Relaxing through times of peace and learning through times of stress and business. Life is a great journey and we all need to live to enjoy the light. 

Click here to watch the video. Just click my name "Natalie Hagen."

Feel free to leave comments or email me after you watch the video! I hope that somehow you heard something that you needed to.



  1. Natalie, I just found your blog through Firework People! I love it. Your talk was great! Can't wait to read more about on A Tiny Traveler. :)

  2. We are all tiny travelers making our way closer to God, & I love reading about others journeys toward that! <3

  3. I loved that you were so vulnerable and honest in your message - it definitely touched others and made people think deeper. You definitely made a difference! I am proud of you and love you! :)

  4. thank you so much Summer :) Love you too!

  5. Yeah, we are all on this big journey together!

  6. Natalie, this is so great. I can't wait to wait it when I have the time later tonight. I was praying for you and it looks like God really worked through your words!

  7. Thank you Chloe! I hope you enjoy my posts :)


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