A Tiny Traveler's Gift Wrap Link Up!

A link up? You read correctly!

Today I am starting my very first link up on A Tiny Traveler. I love Christmas and I've been noticing on Pinterest and Bloglovin, many of you have posts about how to wrap presents in an appealing manner, your favorite styles to wrap gifts in, or some of the messiest, craziest shapes, colors, and sizes of gifts to wrap. I love it!

So I thought, why not host a link up? Write a post about your gift wrapping endeavors this season and share your link. I can't wait to see all of the creative, traditional, and wacky presents out there!

Here are some gifts that I've wrapped so far. Today I am getting a few more things and then my shopping will be complete. (Cutting it close, I know!)

This year, I am going with a gold + white patterned paper, 
pinecones, and shimmer tissue paper.

What are your gifts looking like these days?


  1. I haven't wrapped anything yet, except the presents I already exchanged. I always wait until the last minute to start wrapping so I can do it all in one marathon session.

  2. I snagged some awesome gift wrap in the dollar bin area of Target! wrapped husband's gifts yesterday, and I love how they look. need to get a picture up on my blog now!

  3. I plan to have a wrapping night tonight! Love the pine cone idea!

  4. That's awesome! I'm sure he'll love it. And yes! Take a picture and join the linkup :)

  5. Sometimes that is the absolute best way to wrap though! Have fun! :)

  6. All of your gifts look so beautiful! I'll have to try out some of your wrapping ideas next year :)

  7. Thank you!! Yeah definitely add to the link up next year :)


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