The Peony Project: Autumn Get Together

Last week I responded to The Peony Project's monthly writing prompt/link up on community via video! It was fun and a new experience but I found these pictures today and realized I never posted them! So who's ready for a little bit more community thrown out there into the blogging world?

In addition I want to spread a little love to Betsy, the creative and founder of The Peony Project. She just opened up her own shop called "Heavens to Betsy: Handmade." You need to head on over and check it out! I am so blessed to call her a friend. She is just the best!
 Also, be sure to check out the links to all these ladies' blogs!

Bonnie from Strong + Sweet.
Jessica from Adventures of a Wild Thing
(check out her awesome postcards here!)

Amy from Blue Skies + Sunshine.

Kelly from I Am Kelly.

Tori (who is in the designing and dreaming stages of her blog!)

Summer from Coffee with Summer.

What does community mean to you?


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