october favorites + november goals

Almost every day of October I thought to myself, "I should do an October goals post." Well, that never happened. I'll tell you what though, October flew right on by! I just wanted to do a little recap of the past month (if you don't follow along on my twitter and instagram) and then share some of my goals for the month of November with everyone!

1. The weather. Dreary, chilly, foggy, and sweet.

2. Cheering on Mark and Betsy's parents and uncle as they complete a 2 day bike 
ride to kick cancer's butt. They were troopers and I couldn't be more proud!

3. Pumpkin picking and carving with my family + Mark's family!

4. Getting a chance to do a few art pieces. I love to paint!

5. Meeting up with a few ladies for The Peony Project Autumn Get Together!
We had such a great time eating, chatting, and laughing together!

What's something that you enjoyed about October?

Now without further ado, my little list of goals for this month!
November is a time of giving thanks. It is a time of gratitude and kindness. (In my opinion that should be everyday, but most view the month of November as the month of these qualities). It is so much more than Turkey and Black Friday shopping.

Something that I really am going to be seeking after this month is the theme of acceptance. I've been feeling super insecure lately and I have a ton on my plate that brings me a bit of stress. If I'm feeling embarrassed or insecure, it makes these tasks a whole lot more stressful! Have you ever had one of those days? You have a full agenda but you just don't feel like you look your best or you feel insecure about something and then everything is bigger and worse and more intimidating? It's kind of the worst. I just want to regain control over my insecurities and rest in the truth of who I am. I don't want to walk around with the weight of embarrassment and anxiety on my shoulders. I want to accept my looks, my ideas, my dreams. I want to remember daily that I am fearfully + wonderfully made by a creative God who loves me unconditionally.
Maybe you've been seeking for that acceptance too? That brings me to my goals for the month:

1. I want to post as often as I can about figuring out what it means to accept yourself, who you've been created to be and all that God has in store for us. Figuring out God's will can take time and be difficult in certain areas, so growing and exploring in that is one of my main concerns for this month.

2. Spend more time studying. I want to wrap up the semester with good grades.

3. Be more intentional about letting people know how thankful I am for them. Letting someone know what they mean to you can seem like a no-brainer, but especially in the chaos of the holiday season we can tend to forget to take the extra time to say "I love you" or "Thank you for all you do for me."

4. Start my Christmas shopping. I always wait until December and then I'm rushing around like crazy!

5. Get to know more bloggers through The Peony Project or #fireworkpeople. (two online communities I am a part of) I want to make intentional friendships and learn more about styles of blogging and lifestyles of women all across the US, some even overseas! Being on the admin team of The Peony Project has been such a blessing and has really opened some doors for this little introvert and I love it!

What are some of your goals for this month? Any ideas about how you can achieve some that I've shared?


  1. Love these goals, Natalie! It's so easy to forget to tell people you're thankful for them and to just assume, so I think that's a great goal. I'm always a last minute shopper too, so I definitely need to start early! :)

  2. thank you for stopping by to read :) Good luck on your christmas shopping!

  3. Great goals! Nat, I've been struggling with some unusual insecurities lately too! It's so bizarre but I do think that the times when we do have a lot on our plate, the devil finds those weak points. I guess I have just prayed through it and they have mostly disappeared! You are wonderful. So keep on trusting in God!

  4. #3 is high on my list this month! I don't think I take the time to intentionally let my family and friends know just how much they mean to me! I am hoping to make it a habit!

  5. Thank you Megan :) Yeah I am praying and trying to grow and learn as much as I can through this time. It'll be a process but I believe that God is going to see me through.

  6. Yeah it can slip our minds sometimes!! Hope it sticks for you too :)


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