Layering Like A Pro

It's November, and if you live anywhere north, I'm sure you've been experiencing a change in the weather. The leaves are turning gold, red, and orange and the skies are getting cloudier as the temperatures drop into the 50s and 40s. It really is one of my favorite times of the year!
As the weather gets chillier, its time to put away the shorts and tank tops, the sun hats and flip-flops and get out warmer things. 

Now, just because the weather is getting chilly doesn't mean you're limited to the same 4 sweaters and  jacket that have been packed away in your "winter clothes" bin in the basement.
tights, stripes, denim, scarves

denim and cardigans
scarves and belts

a light jacket // a thick scarf

In order to do a fashionably-accurate job of layering you'll need the following:
- a base shirt. 
(I prefer a thin short sleeve or long sleeve depending on the weather)
- a cardigan
- a plaid button up 
(if you don't wear a base shirt)
- thick scarves
- chambray
- a jacket 
(if its dreary outside)

*add a few accessories like a knit beanie, tights and a skirt (to switch it up from jeans), or leg warmers! Check out a few more examples from good old pinterest!

a simple sweatshirt over a long button up
infinity scarves and denim

scarves, sweaters, knit beanies, and coats

plaid and cardigans
Last week I posted my new favorite fall trend! What do you think? Do your prefer big sweaters or lots of layers? What are you wearing this season?


  1. Layering is my favorite! My mom was asking me about how to update her wardrobe yesterday, and my first response was "layer!" I told her that she could keep her current clothes, but buy a few trendier cardigans, scarves, and maybe a long necklace or two. She seems sold on the idea!

  2. That's why I love layering! You then have so many options!!

  3. I love that the weather is changing. Layering is the best. I will wear sweaters when it gets bitter cold but most days I'm not far from my chambray shirt!

  4. haha...I just prefer warm weather. :) But I agree, layering can look really stylish. still, when it would get down to 10 degrees with a windchill of below some point the layers just made me look like a puffball. I'm glad I no longer live in a winter wonderland, so I can do "reasonable" layers appropriate to 50 degree winter weather. :)


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