poetry by christa.

how I feel about you is how the sky looks at golden hour 
when the colors above bleed into one another 
and the sun bursts through the trees
it's the perfect mixture of boldness and a gentle touch
and when I look at you
my heart feels the same as when you sink into the ocean on your first day of summer 
I'm tired of containing these heartbeats in mason jars
because although keeping myself contained reminds me of fireflies locked in the hands of children, I need to be set free. 

and I know the reason why I love these things is because they are natural, they are not forced & although there are times I want to rush into you, and sink my love into your bones, I know I must wait. because golden hour comes once a day, some more golden than others & we must wait for the rays of light to break through the trees as the colors slowly bleed into each other, effortlessly. and the first day of summer comes but once a year, and we must wait through those winter nights to wake up on the first day of summer to drench our skin into the salt water once again. and for those fireflies, we must keep our eyes open for them. they scatter throughout July and sometimes, if we're lucky, we are able to hold them in our palms, but only for a moment because the result is always the same, we always let them go, because that is love.


  1. I love reading words that allow me to visualize it all in my head as I'm reading. So beautiful!

  2. Well ain't that heartwarming.

    Also, hello Disqus!!

  3. Yeah I recently downloaded it and love it :)


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