My Darling Traveler

So last night was a bit of a sad one for me. I dropped Mark off at the airport because he is going to Spain! I am so excited for him and all the opportunities he's been getting lately, but man will I miss him! And I'm a tad jealous too. I mean come on, Spain? Take me with you!!

He'll be there helping a group of guys film a documentary/missions video. So not only is he privileged to travel, but it's for one of his passions! Seriously, I am so excited for him.

Thursday night he surprised me with an impromptu date in the park. I was on cloud nine!
We'd both been so busy the past couple of weeks that alone time was scarce and on top of that, I had just been in a really crummy mood with school and personal stress. It really cheered me up, reminded me how loved I am, and made the departure last night a bit easier.
It was such a perfect day!

Mark got all of my favorites. I am so blessed!
Oh, my heart is full.
I know that by Monday I'll be all weepy because I miss him, but I promised I would try my best not to cry. He's in SPAIN! What an amazing adventure. I can't wait for the days that I'll be in the seat next to him flying somewhere to have an adventure together. Who knows where we'll go?
*Crossing my fingers for a killer souvenir*

Secretly took this sad, overdramatic photo before
I let him get out of the car at the airport.
Mark, I love you and cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories all about Spain and the people there and the culture and food and oh my goodness gracious do I wish I was with you!


  1. How cute! Your date looks all too fun. :)

    It is also so sweet to see how happy and supportive you are of him! Keep being a good girlfriend! ; )

    For how long will he be in Spain? We can get our nails done to keep your mind off of him being gone. :)

    1. Thank you Liv! He'll be back at the end of Fall Break, haha so not too long! I just wish I was there with him. I mean, come on. Spain?? haha He's such a lucky duck.

  2. Someone once told me, you are blessed when saying goodbye is hard! So true, huh? Praying God will speak to your heart in new and unexpected ways during this time.

  3. I was so happy to hear this morning that he landed safely! And you're right, he better bring back some cool souvenirs. A scarf from Spain? Sounds great, thanks. Haha

  4. This is so great! I had a bf in the military once upon a time and I remember how shattered I always was when I had to leave him! So glad yours gets to go somewhere as cool as Spain for his passion! Is he going to bring you back a super cool souvenir? :)

    1. He better, Calley! lol I hope that he takes lots of pictures too.

  5. Not even going to try and pretend that this song didn't make me tear up a little. ;)

    That date does look perfect :) So glad you were able to spend some quality time with him before he left.

    Praying for you & Mark, dear!

  6. so awesome! I love the role that art + media is now playing in missions awareness. also, we went to Spain on our honeymoon... it will forever hold a place in my heart.


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