Ode to Summer

Let's face it. Summer is over.
Autumn is quickly approaching, my favorite time of the year. School is well underway, and I should be doing research for a paper in my abnormal psychology class (important stuff right there) but I would much rather be blogging or reading to be honest. I decided to be kind to myself today, so here I am with a bowl of raspberries and my laptop, blogging away!

Summer went by so quickly, at least my summer did. It's already September 1st! I worked almost everyday and when I wasn't working, I was trying to enjoy my free time (when I wasn't catching up on sleep). It was slightly rough. One thing that really helped me enjoy my free moments, as God was shaping my heart and teaching me some things about myself, was the #365thankfuleveryday project. A few of you have joined in and I am super excited to watch it grow! If you're interested, don't hesitate to join. Just slap that hashtag on to your tweets or instagram posts and share what you're thankful for. I am going to start a monthly blog series to share some of my favorite posts and memories from those that participate, so please join in.

In addition to this instagram project, there are a few things I would like to pay tribute to. 

An ode to summer.

 Your beautiful weather. 
Your sunny days and breezy mornings. 
The rays of that big, golden sun shining down, bathing all in yellow, perfect light.
Ice cream, dripping off the edge of a cone, down my fingers to my wrist.
A sweet delight.
Berries, so many berries. In season and fresh, juicy and sweet.
Houseplants thriving on the fractured light, bouncing through the window.
Sunflowers, happy and bright dancing in fields.
Day trips to the city, the country, the forest.
Driving with the windows down.
Salty, beach air whipping my hair all around,
making knots that only come out after the third shampoo.
Sunburn and aloe, reminding me that summer isn't always a time free of pain, 
keeping me grounded.
Letters from pen pals and friends overseas.
Laughter from children, teens, and grownups
That reassurance that no matter your age, you can enjoy life in these sunny moments.
Hearing from someone you miss dearly.
Vacations across the state, country, or ocean.
Sleeping in and being awoken by birdsong and sunshine on your face.
Bedhead. Frizzy curls falling out of place.
Unmade beds, novels, and iced tea.
Barbecues, church picnics, and family gatherings.
Remembering the importance of community and family.
And hearing that song that seems to capture it all, 
the feelings, the thoughts, the sights and sounds. 
Summer, I will love you always.

What are some of your favorite summer memories? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! Also, please leave your instagram name in the comments too if you're joining in on the  #365thankfuleveryday project!

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
"Atlas Hands"


  1. So fun - loved reading your favorite little snapshots of summer!

  2. So cute! This has me missing summer already!

  3. The ode captured everything I love about summer also. Great post and fun to read! :)

  4. Love these photos! I'd love to say I had lots of adventures this summer, but mostly it was me and my laptop. Lol

  5. I love the poetry and the pictures. :) You capture a peaceful summer very well, and make me thankful for my summer too.

  6. Wow- I love this post so much. This is so beautiful and it gives God all the glory! Can't wait to read more, Natalie!

  7. So fun. I haven't been tubing in so long.

  8. Love this! Makes me miss summer more than I thought I would (I'm a Fall-loving gal myself).


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