Friday Night in The City

Last weekend, Jessica and I went to Philly to visit my friend Grace. She and I have been friends since high school and I haven't seen her in a few months. She is a Tyler art student and lives in the city. When we got there she gave us a mini tour of the area that she lives in and then we took the subway further into the city to walk around in some small art museums and see the street vendors for this event called First Friday! It was pretty neat to be a part of the bobbing wave of city dwellers and tourists all admiring classical, modern, and minimalistic artwork. We made a pitstop in a record store of course, but didn't stay very long because there was no air conditioning. Did I mention it was about 90 degrees? We were quite warm. After we walked around, we stopped at a little Starbucks on the corner of Arch and N 3rd Street. It was a nice little break from the hustle and bustle of the Friday-night Philly crowd.

 After Starbucks, we went across the street to The Betsy Ross House. They were showing two classic films, projected on the outside wall! The first was The Brain That Wouldn't Die and the second was Little Shop of Horrors. Our friend Zach met up with us, we got some popcorn and soda, and found seats in the dark among strangers. It was actually a ton of fun! 
Little Shop of Horrors*

My GPS died on the way back just as we left Grace's apartment so getting out of the city was a little adventure but we made it safely and I was so proud!

That was last weekend. Today I am headed back to Philly with Mark, Summer, and our friend John for the Radio 104.5 final summer block party of the season! I'm so pumped to see Grouplove, Vance Joy, Sir Sly, Wolfgang, & Brick and Mortar. It should be lots of fun (if the rain holds off). 

Sir Sly "Ghost"

Are any of you wonderful readers going to be there? 
What is the best concert you've been to?


  1. So pretty! Oh how I love Philly.
    Have fun at the concert! :)

  2. As I read this I'm literally JUST discovering Sir Sly. It's oh soo good.
    Hope it's just as good live

    1. Yes!! I love him. And oh my goodness was he great live :D


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