Favorite Autumn Finds (style edition)

I love autumn. So very much. 
Throughout the next few months, I will be posting a few of my favorite autumnal things such as recipes, clothes, activities, and music. Tonight I just felt like extending my Pinterest collection (yes I have enough pins to call it a collection) over to my blog. 
These are a few pieces that I either would love to add to my wardrobe or cannot wait to wear when the weather cools down (I think this week has been the hottest one all summer, actually). 
denim (light + dark) // booties

scarves // leather jackets

plaid // cardigans // messy hair

cognacs // browns // maroons // patterns


What's your favorite thing to wear in the fall?


  1. The first one is pretty much my go-to. Love it all!

  2. I love wearing light sweaters! :) Great post!

  3. Boots. and MASSIVE scarves. There is nothing better :-)


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