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Often, I leave the emotional posts to Tumblr, but today I wrote this little poem (I guess) and wanted to share. I also have had this song on repeat in my head. 
It's so pretty and I love the tune but the lyrics are super relevant to me today as well. It's just one of those Mondays I guess// prayers appreciated.

"Worried Shoes" 
-Karen O.


  1. That was a really beautiful poem, Natalie. I think this will be your best year yet. :) I'm sure it feels like there is so much unknown right now, but God's got your back and your have such a beautiful heart that loves him and cares for people - so you are headed in a good direction. :) Right here on campus if you ever need anything or a listening ear!

    1. Thank you Bonnie :) that means a lot. Jessica and I will have to pay you a visit!

  2. A disaster waiting to happen right over your head. Yes, sounds like a Monday. Nice poem!

  3. We are on our way now to better things indeed :) Praying you have a meaningful new semester!

  4. Praying for you, Natalie! I wish you a great senior year and even though things may seem really scary I'm sure everything will turn out to be great :D

  5. Beautifully written. and i love that song. i love the last bit of your poem - we cannot stay alone and afraid, we are on our way to better things.


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