hey, little dreamer.

Sometimes when God lays something on your heart, he does it at the most perfect time. The past few days I've been thinking a lot about the dreams that we each have individually for our lives and collectively for society as a whole. We each have this idea. The idea either fizzles out, or grows into a desire and something that our heart becomes truly passionate about. For me, this dream is to do something great: make an impact on someone's life with my creativity.

I try to practice my art and design work as much as possible. I'll be honest, there are days when I hate everything that I've ever produced. Sometimes I wonder why I even waste my time. There are some days that I look at a piece I've painted, or my etsy store, or my blog for that matter and I am so embarrassed.
Then there are times when I can't stop smiling because I am so proud of my artwork or my Tumblr layout, or that last witty tweet. Its a constant up and down. Pride, embarrassment, happiness, and frustration. I never know what to expect. I've gotten used to the ups and downs of the way I feel about my work and about myself. 

I'm sure that many people experience this. 

Just because we experience something and get used to it, doesn't mean that it needs to become a norm. We were given these dreams and desires and aspirations for a reason! We all have a deep, secret part of us that is demanding to be noticed. What can I do to make a difference? What can I do that will last?
Well. What is stopping us? Why are we letting things hold us back from chasing our dreams and trying something new and making a moment in history?

Are you letting finances or social/relationship status or opinions of others get in the way of where you want to be in life? Well, don't. *gasp* That's right. Don't. 
As I write this I realize how big of a request that is. It'll be hard for me to overcome what others think of me and my dreams. It will be hard to keep going when I cannot afford the supplies and costs to get where I need to go. There will be sleepless nights. There will be times when I feel ugly or untalented or not qualified enough. But I will press on. We need to keep moving and keep trying and keep praying for the strength and wisdom to achieve our dreams and goals.

That being said, I've compiled a list of things that are wonderful reminders to stick with your dreams and take a chance on them. Ready? Here we go!

No goal is too small. Make a list of ideas and dreams that you have and try to accomplish them. Pray about them and ask for guidance to know if its something really worth doing!

Things will hit a dry spot. Take a deep breath and look for inspiration in nature, magazines, art and photography, successful companies, etc. See what others do and maybe ask for advice to get those ideas churning. 

It's okay to do the "ordinary." You really don't have to build a skyscraper or win the lottery or start a multi-million dollar company to make a difference. 

Making a difference in someone's life is just as important as doing something to make your famous.

We all can't be rockstars on a stage, but you can be a rockstar in your kitchen.

God will use you as long as you ask Him for guidance. Submit to His will and your life will be far greater than you can imagine.

Finally, I leave you with this quote that is so fun and inspires me in the little things.


  1. Thank you so much for this post because it's what I needed to hear :)


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