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Meet Christa, a beautiful and talented writer, artist, and photographer. She loves Jesus, sunflowers, art, and being super rad and silly. Her writing and photos are so inspiring to me, so I asked her to guest post with some of her super creative pieces! Oh, and you can follow her here on Instagram. (It's so hard for me not to like all of her photos! Such talent.)


I tend to get caught up in the moment 
I get distracted by blinking lights & moving cars, I have this tendency of slowing down...not realizing that the world around me is still spinning on. it's just that 
I am captivated by everything.
there are very few things that don't fascinate me...there are times I drive home in silence especially on late summer nights when my heart feels like it has learned something new. i am in love with that feeling.....finding a new appreciation for the seconds that pass, I don't know how this is, but I am capable of feeling everything & nothing all at once..many won't understand what I'm trying to convey & I know that..because for most of my life I have tried to explain...& all I have received were  tilted heads & squinted eyes but I do know that there's somebody out there who has a heart that beats the same rhythm as mine, and I know whoever this person is, understands when I talk about these moments...  and finds themselves swimming in them, just as I do...wanting to float there as long as possible, just in case it's the last time their hearts gets drenched in open water.. and as for my mind, well I tend to leave it in open fields. allowing things to grow within the walls, allowing thoughts, memories,  dreams, entangle around each brainwave...perhaps though, that's not a good thing....I have learned that it's very easy for me to get lost, to drift..to somehow lose myself, to allow a moment...a second..  wrap around my bones, soaking itself in, pouring into me because it refuses to be unforgettable. these are times I am talking about that make up who we are, not the things that are traumatic or life changing, just those times when you sit & appreciate the time you're living in...the moments where reality and your daydreams collide, and you find yourself existing in this surreal realm...and tonight I sat on my front porch. realizing, I will never be able to relive this moment. I will never be 19 again, because nothing in life is permanent, which is why my hands refuse to let go of this freedom, because who knows what will happen tomorrow, as of now, my life is endless, possibilities are in constant state of motion. who knows where I'll be next July 26th..if I'll be sitting on my front porch again.. or in a different place.... I'm sure it will be different next 
year....everything will be different, somehow someway, things will change. 
and right here
this moment  
this is all I have 
my heart is beating and I feel something and all I want to do is sit out here and watch the stars fade into the sky, cause this was the sky I was given on this night & I don't want to miss it.....crying right now just feels right to me
and I'm trying to allow the tears to roll down my face but for some reason they are too happy to escape they place they're at
and I suppose there are times I feel that way too, which leads me to believe that is  why I tend to get caught up in moments in the first place 


  1. Beautiful writing, and so inspiring! Natalie, you pick such great people for your guest posts! Loved reading them all. :)

  2. This is so neat!!!

    Like nothing I've ever read before :)

  3. See the world and embrace the change, beautiful!


  4. this is a beautiful post! love the way you describe that feeling of getting caught up in a moment! and you're right...life may look totally different a year from now, but there is beauty in learning to accept change and also fully breathe in every moment! so glad you guest posted this, christ a!


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