A Tiny Traveler Goes to Columbus!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Columbus, Ohio with my friend Kristen to volunteer with the AG's Fine Arts Festival. She was selling her jewelry for her company Lace and Burlap (link in sidebar). She did so well and made a lot of new friends and connections. I am so proud of her! I am so thankful that we decided to drive there, just us two, because it gave us the perfect amount of time we needed to become really good friends!

Trust me, 16 hours in a car with a dozen donuts and good music (as well as blended ice coffee in a cup bigger than your head) and you're sure to have a swell time!

We left at midnight and arrived by 9am.

We were exhausted, but we set the Lace and Burlap booth up and it looked fantastic!

For the majority of the week I was volunteering in the Art Exhibit where students from all across the United States had their art and photography entries displayed. Some of the pieces were breathtaking and it made me want to take a million art lessons!

During my free time I accomplished 3 things. The first was exploring the streets of Columbus with Christian. We found some great coffee places and walked by cute boutiques, art stores, and bars. Lots of bars. (I think that was probably Columbus's thing).

The second was getting to visit with my friend Alyssa! I haven't seen her in over 2 years, maybe even 3, and it was so perfect to catch up and talk about life and love and school and what it's like becoming a grown up. We went shopping and out to dinner and gave each other lots of hugs. I am so thankful that I got to see her for a few hours. Oh yes, and we had Jeni's Splendid ice cream, a new favorite of mine. If you're ever at a Whole Foods, you need to try it (or go to an actual ice cream parlor and get it fresh!). I will admit, I went three separate times throughout the week. My favorite flavors I tried were the Saison with Sunflower Seeds and Golden Flax mixed with their Black Coffee ice cream.

Last but definitely not least, I was able to sleep in a hotel room bed with fluffy white blankets and a tv to watch Full House on and wake up to the sunshine on my face. I absolutely love hotels.

During the closing ceremony for the festival, Kristen and I got to go up on stage a present awards to those who entered and won her giveaways. There were 10,000 people in the arena. That's right... 10,000 people. We had our 5 seconds of fame and took a selfie on stage and that was that. But it was wonderful all in itself.

The drive back was not too bad, filled with laughs and more donuts and a couple of U-Turns that provided Kristen and I with some great memories. This trip (although tiring) was a perfect vacation and just what I needed as summer comes to an end. 


  1. I more than love this! It was such a great week and now I get to re-live it reading your post. I am so glad I got spend this time with you and I'm super glad that we've become closer friends. Love you : )

  2. So fun!! It baffles me that you traveled that far! Columbus is only a two hour trip from me. Glad you and Kristen had a fun time :)

    1. Thanks Amy! Maybe we can go on a road trip this autumn??

  3. Your travelogue is a tale. I'm originally from Ohio- reading this makes me awfully nostalgic!


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