a fancy flower workshop.

A friend of mine, Courtney, had a little flower workshop a few weeks ago to spread her love and knowledge of natural flower arrangements and to share some exciting news! She has been teaching in Argentina for the past few years but just announced that she is planning to open a fresh flower shop called The Flower Press in Argentina. She recently left to go back and move into her new apartment and I am so excited for her!

It is such a wonderful blessing to see how God is working in the lives of my friends and family and how he uses them in big ways and little ways. When I got to their house with Jessica (my beautiful friend and roommate) we were welcomed by a beautiful setup, lots of pretty flowers, and some fancy foliage. We started out with brunch and lovely conversations, and then Courtney taught us how to arrange flowers in a beautiful way! It was such a good afternoon. Spending time with Jessica was also wonderful, after her being away all summer in Nepal and Bangladesh. (Keep your eyes peeled for her guest post about her trip in a few weeks!) 
Courtney teaching us how to arrange flowers!

Our beautiful classroom* 
My floral arrangement.


  1. awe, I love flowers!! They bring such beauty to the world. <3

    1. I agree! Flowers are little bits of unique perfection!


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