What I'm Listening To.

Currently I've been discovering all kinds of new music, thanks to my friend David. He is so good and finding new, underground music and has such great taste. In fact, let me take this time to say that soon (not quite sure when) he'll be partnering up with me to write so killer music reviews. Keep your eyes peeled! Right now, I've been really into remixes and tech-y beats. I was listening to some Hillsong this morning and saw that they released a remix album not too long ago. 

To be honest, I had low expectations because its remixed worship music... I haven't heard too much in that genre that was good. But this album, let me tell you, kills it! It is so good and if you have the opportunity, you need to order it on iTunes or at a music store. Please please get your hands on this. It is so much fun, but still has all the impressive, beautiful qualities of their original album. Oh, I guess I should tell you what it is that I am jamming out to. The White Album (Remix Project)

Seriously, go take a listen!


  1. Hillsong is one of my top choices when it comes to worship music. You should also check out Leeland! :)

  2. I'll listen on Spotify if it's available! Thanks for sharing. I'll be posting downloadable playlists in my blog soon and I hope to bless you and other music-loving folks through them :)


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