slow it down.

So, I got this new app on my iPhone called "Rhonna" and I absolutely love it! You can add text and chalkboard art as well as little designs and filters to your photos. It is perfect to add a creative touch to your Instagram or blog. Best 99 cents I ever spent.


I've been home for about five weeks now and have been working nonstop. ChickFilA is a great job and I love the people that I work with, but I am at the point where I just need a rest. Full time in fast food can get really tiring. Dealing with rude and confusing customers, waking up early and staying up late, and having to be on my feet for 5+ hours a shift is exhausting! (It's not always that bad, but five weeks of it full time is wearing me down.) I woke up this morning and was so sick and I am afraid that my symptoms from mono are coming back. Either that or its food poisoning. Ho-hum. 

Something that I have noticed lately is how important it is to just pause. The constant hustle and movement of life can really just sweep us away and draw our attention to less meaningful things. We begin to lose focus on family, beliefs, dreams, and goals. We start to complain and get worn down and see the world in a washed out grey. We cannot let this be a regular thing! When was the last time you paused and just sat in God's presence with your Bible and a cup of tea? When was the last time you went to bed an hour earlier instead of staying up late to watch tv? How often do we try and catch up on our favorite show or scroll through the endless feed on Facebook or Twitter?

We need to pause. We need to slow down. Take some time to appreciate your life, appreciate the blessings and the little things. The flowers in your yard. The book you've been reading. The friend that you finally got to see after months of distance. That phone call you and a parent just had. Thank God for the little things, because you're going to realize one day how big they actually were. At times, life whispers so we need to be listening closely. We need to appreciate nature and people and the things that we all have to offer. Take a moment and be still. Thank God for a few things and listen to the silence. Ah, how beautiful and strange it all can be!

Here are a few things that I appreciate, even in all the hustle and bustle of my life:

* my healthy family
* my job (even though its stressful, at least I have one)
* spending time with friends from home
* skinny jeans
* my morning coffee and afternoon tea
* Forever 21's wonderful sales
* Mark and his endless love for me and my emotional, messy self
* Grace, and all it's second chances
* new friends online
* my spot as a devo writer for Walk The Same

In all things, God is good. We just need to take time and remember that.


  1. Love this post Natalie! thank you for such a good reminder! :)


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