Life, Lately.

Now, normally when I do life lately posts, they're more of a picture post. Tonight I'm going to do something a tad different and add some text posts I've been putting on Tumblr or tweeting. Hopefully you find my life interesting, and if not, just keep scrolling until something catches your eye! Be warned... My life has been a tad rocky lately so there will be plenty of parts about growth and newfound happiness.

The sky has been so very blue lately.
(A week ago there was a crazy hail storm that destroyed a lot of cars,
crops, and businesses, so I've really been thankful for the sunny days!)
I started writing devotionals every Friday for Walk the Same and I love it!
The group of writers, editors, and photographers are all so wonderful and encouraging.
I am so happy to finally be a part of something so positive and
that stretches me spiritually and as a writer!

\\Tonight I sat with him in the car, eating ice cream and watching the lightning storm. Coldplay quietly played in the background, the live album from Sydney 2003. It was beautiful. We were beautiful.//

\\I’m learning day by day that you cannot claim to love Christ, yet ignore parts of the Bible. Every day is a new one, filled with struggles and opportunities to be better. I’m learning patience, forgiveness, how to handle loss, and above all how to love the person I am and that I am becoming. God is good in all things and I am trying my best to be more and more like him.//

"In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”
— The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck 

\\My day is like the ocean, waves of sadness and joy taking turns, bobbing me up and down.//

I got my first edition of Kinfolk in the mail. It is the perfect beach day read!

I tried pizza at a new restaurant with Mark. (Yes, we're back together and no I never posted about our breakup back in January because it was something I was figuring out with God and yes, I am incredibly, unexplainably happy now that we're together again because we've both grown and matured so much and we can only get better!!!) Anyway, yeah.. we went to Mama's and had some pretty tasty pizza.


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