21 days until my 21st!

Holy Canoli! I cannot believe that I am about to turn twenty one years old! (whaaaaaaaat?)
As it gets closer to June 25th, I'll be posting a list of 21 things I've learned in the past few years and why I think you might want to learn them too (if you haven't already)! Life is a crazy ride and it gets weirder as we age. But as long as there is growth, learning, and improvement I don't mind getting older.

Just for fun, I made this list of things I wouldn't mind getting on my birthday. Any cards or special treats are obviously welcome as well ;)

If you'd like to send me a birthday card or just mail in general, you can send it to:

Natalie Hagen
1401 Charlestown Road
Phoenixville, Pa

*I would love to have some new pen pals!*

Oh, and be sure to check out some of my friends' blogs by clicking on the side bar picture links. I just added a few more.


  1. Your birthday is one day before mine. Almost birthday twins... :)


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