easter sunday.

Today is Easter Sunday and I was so blessed! I got to spend time with family that I haven't seen in a little while, eat some good food, and celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of my Savior! God is so good to me, even when I don't see it. That's something that I've definitely been learning this year and while it can be a tough lesson to learn, it is a much needed one.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful home church and to be able to join with others to celebrate Easter. On Saturday, I volunteered to help during the evening services and while I was helping, I couldn't help but think about how beautiful of a sacrifice was made all those years ago. We, who are selfish and undeserving sinners, walk around like we are in control of our lives and don't need any saving or help. How naive and silly we are! I watched the people walking around greeting one another with hugs and smiles, adorning their pastels from head to toe. It warmed my heart to see the excitement in young ones' eyes and the warmth in relatives greeting each other, but I also stopped to think, "what about tomorrow?" We'll be back to school or work and won't have that day of fellowship and feasting like today. The remnants of an easter bunny might get you through, but will you still remember the happiness you felt today? The gratitude you expressed as you thought of all your Savior has done for you. He isn't just alive on Easter Sunday. He is alive every day! So celebrate and be filled with joy, for Jesus is alive and interacts with us daily. He calls us to walk with him every morning. Next week the Easter bunny will be a memory, but Jesus will still be alive and reigning!

Ava and I
Nate and I 

In the foyer of church there we bunnies and chicks on display.
They were so cute! 
Oh praise the One who paid my debt,
and raised this life up from the dead!


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