||snow day||

Last night my area (as well as a few areas) had a severe weather warning. It snowed and snowed! When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I was surprised to see a blinding light coming from the inches of snow laying in my yard and street. It was breathtaking. Normally when I think of storms, I think of destruction and wreckage. But not this storm. This storm was quick, quiet, and left me with a feeling of wonder. There were thousands of little white sparkles everywhere! It was if I entered Jack Frost's tiny little wonderland.
To me, it's almost as if the snow is blanketing all the reminders of 2013 and as it melts, new ambitions and dreams will arise along with the unfolding of this new year. I am speechless as I take a step out onto my porch. New things aren't always pleasant, much like the chill that gripped my bones when I walked further into the drifts. But I kept going. I found beauty in the cold pain and embraced the peace. Not a sound came from my street as everyone was nestled in bed or around their warm fireplaces. I shoveled out my car and came back inside for a cup of coffee. What a delightful morning. 


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