s. carey

I don't do a whole ton of music reviews on my blog, but recently I heard this album by S. Carey and I really liked it. Yes, it was put out in 2010, but I think that you should definitely give it a listen if you've never heard it before. 

Listen to "All We Grow" here.

Sean Carey is a Wisconsin native and has a performance degree in classical percussion, and for his personal music, goes by S. Carey.  He has a soft, gentle vocal tone and uses keys and strings to provide what Spotify calls "cinematic and meditative" records.
Something that I also love about Carey is that this album, as well as Hoyas (released in 2012), are his own side projects while he normally is occupied with Bon Iver as the drummer and pianist for Bon Iver (another one of my favorites). So definitely give S. Carey a listen and enjoy the smooth melodies and vocals as you relax on this beautiful Thursday.


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