a winter adventure.

Yesterday I had made plans to study the day away. It was going quite well, until I smelled something burning. It was my brain, fried to a crisp. I looked out the window and it had begun to snow. In fact, there was about an inch on the ground already! "I need that cool, iciness to refresh my brain," I thought, "where are my boots?" And just like that I was at the door. My friend Matt wanted to go on an adventure and I can never say no to exploring and adventuring with a friend!

Off we went, into the tiny town of Phoenixville. Here is what we found...

{a tree, a tree!}

graffiti galore

a hidden path

romping through the wreckage

winter wonderland*

See Matt climbing the hill of concrete and wire?
Maybe not the safest thing... but still pretty awesome.
(first 4 photos are credited to Matthew Kalapuch. Check out the rest here.)

Make sure you take time out of the hustle and bustle of the season and the closing of a semester to explore something, ok? You deserve to see wonders and curiosities. The secrets of earth long to be discovered.


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